Sunday, 2 June 2013

More Paper Clay creations..

Paper Clay Bowl and Lid (8 Year old)

We have been experiementing with clay again over the past few weeks.  This has to be the children's favourite medium.  Read my earlier post on All Kids Love Clay to read all about the benefits of exposing children to clay.

We have been making mainly pinch pot bowls, fish and mosters.  I will publish a post on these once they have been fired and glazed.  If the children had finished these I gave them some paper clay to play with.  We spent some time using paper clay in the first term, click here to see that post.

Paper Clay Snakes

Paper clay is still a little brittle when dry yet it does hold together better than normal clay.  It's just like working with normal clay which I love as the children can practice their techniques such as using slip, scoring and joining pieces of clay together.  It also saves on firing costs and the kids can take their pieces home a lot quicker.  I get the children to paint their pieces with acrylic paint when they are dry and then I add a layer of gloss Mod Podge all over to help hold them together and give the piece a lovely shiny look.  Its not quite the same as glaze, yet it still looks impressive.

Here are a few of the childrens finished pieces.  These are done my my younger students who are 5-8 yrs old.


Thumb Puppets





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