Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Tissue Paper Art Lesson

I ran this lesson the last week of Term.  We always seem to have lots of tissue paper around so I thought I would do an entire lesson based on Tissue Paper.

bleeding tissue paper
 We did:
  • Bleeding Tissue Paper Pictures
  • Tissue Paper Backgrounds for Black Trees
  • Tissue Paper Sun Catchers
It's a pretty simple lesson to run and you could do any of these things as a lesson/activity on its own if you don't have much time.  Certainly the bleeding tissue paper art was a big hit.

tissue paper & black trees

1. Bleeding Tissue Paper Pictures

What you need:
  • Tissue paper that bleeds (this is the stuff you get in the craft section not the tissue paper that is in the wrapping paper section.  If you can't find tissue paper that bleeds you can use crepe paper or streamers (we tried some streamers and they worked pretty well))
  • Thick paper or card
  • water pots with paint brushes 
  • wax crayons or black permanent markers
How To:
  • Get the children to draw a picture with the white wax crayon (optional)
  • place small ripped pieces of tissue paper in random places on picture and add water to stick them down.
  • Continue until the entire piece of paper is covered in tissue paper, making sure some pieces overlap
  • Leave to dry (if you are in a hurry you can use a hairdryer to dry pictures)
  • Leave as is or use a permanent marker to draw on picture
The Results:

2. Tissue Paper Backgrounds and Black Trees

What you need:
  • Tissue paper (it doesn't need to be the bleeding type this time around)
  • Thick paper or card
  • Glue (slightly watered down do its easy to brush on)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Black Paper
  • Scissors
How To:
  • Cover piece of paper with glue
  • Start adding small pieces of tissue paper in random over page
  • Keep going until whole page is covered, make sure some pieces overlap.  Don't worry if pieces go over the edges you can trim them off at the end.
  • Put another layer of glue over entire picture, ensuring all tissue paper is stuck down
  • Cut out a black tree from the paper
  • Glue tree on top of the background (you may not need to add more glue)
  • Leave to dry
The Results:
I love how the children got really creative here and added their own ideas.  Some added tissue paper or oil pastel to the trees.

3. Tissue Paper Easter Egg Suncatchers

What you need:
  • Coloured Paper
  • Tissue Paper
  • Contact paper (sticky book covering)
How To:
  • Draw an egg on the coloured paper.  
  • Draw another egg inside that egg
  • Cut out around outside and inside of egg so you have an egg frame
  • Place piece of contact paper in centre
  • Place small pieces of tissue paper all over the contact 
  • Stick to a window using Blu Tac
The Results:


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Filling your home with some Easter Art....

Not only did my kids produce some great artwork in my Easter Art workshop (some pics below).  We also produced other artworks for the house to give it that Easter vibe.

We decorated the chalkboard under the stairs (and made lots of foam cars and people to go on the stairs - not Easter themed yet it entertained the kids for a good hour (sets available at Kmart for around $3 each):

We decorated our windows with liquid chalk (never used this before yet spotted it in Kmart - it works really well yet comes in limited colours):

We made Easter Egg Suncatchers (home & in workshop):

We decorated boiled Easter Eggs (in workshop):

I decided to go for the Fun process art decorating on these and admittedly they didn't all work out.  We did shaving cream marbled eggs (lots of fun yet didn't really work), tie dyed eggs (these did work and two are above - wrap eggs in paper towel that had been dripped with vinegar and food colourings) and the final were Volcano Eggs - so much fun yet sometimes don't work.
We made more yarn eggs (in workshop):

We did wax resist and watercolour Easter Eggs (in workshop):

We made foil Bunny pictures (at home and in workshop):

We made Easter shapes out of moulding goo (another Kmart cheapie).  A very strange substance, I'm still not sure about it yet the kids seemed to enjoy it and played with it for a good hour.

We had a chocolate Easter egg hunt, an Easter treasure hunt using clues in plastic eggs and played the egg and spoon race.

THEN we ATE chocolate EASTER EGGS!

Wishing you and your families a wonderful Easter!


Sunday, 13 April 2014

April Workshop Madness....

The first week of the school holidays flew by for us in a whirlwind of art workshops (6 in fact - check out the details on my holiday workshops page).

Lots of fun was had by all and some truly amazing artwork was produced.  I was way too busy to take my usual amount of photos yet here are a few that capture some of the wonderful artwork / science experiments.  It was very MESSY yet with mess comes lots of giggles and FUN!

Well done to all the kids for being so well behaved and for getting creative these holidays!

Pottery and children's pots from the wheel



leaf printing

glass mosaic suncatchers

Easter egg suncatchers

Nature suncatchers

Easter egg sun catcher

Yarn eggs

Wax resist and watercolours Easter Eggs

Watercolour Easter Eggs

Watercolour Easter Egg

Watercolour Easter Egg

Watercolour Easter Egg

Glass Mosaic sun catchers (with other sun catchers underneath)

Melted Crayon Sun catchers

Nature Suncatcher

Balloon Printing

Balloon prints on the rack

Bubble Printing

Oil and Water Prints (and experiment)

Oil and water prints (and experiment)

Group Tall Painting

Messy art room after abstract painting class

Elephants toothpaste experiment

Vinegar and baking soda balloon experiment


Drying rack full of abstract paintings

Splatter Painting

Splatter (and pour) painting

Leaf printing

Leaf Printing

Shaving cream marbling (pity I don't have pictures of the MESS!!)

Milk Prints (from the erupting milk experiment)
Drawing on Foil - Easter Bunnies

Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

WOW what FUN!