Monday, 22 December 2014

Pinch Pot Ceramic Animals

I so love how these turned out.  I wanted to keep every one of them and have them as a cute little animal feature in my garden...

These were actually quite easy to make.  You just need to make a pinch pot, use some extra clay to make a small ball which is squashed to make a head.  Then add ears, eyes, legs etc.  I let the children choose which animal they wanted to make, yet gave some examples of easy things to do.  You want to minimize small thin bits that are easy to break.  Remind them about a gazillion times to scratch and attach so those cute little ears etc don't fall off.

Can you believe that most of these were made by children ages 6-9??

We made and painted these all in one lesson.  The wet clay was painted immediately with under-glazes.  We went back to them a week later just to touch up any bits where the glaze wasn't thick enough.  These were then fired, clear glaze added and fired again.

I snapped these pictures pretty fast as they arrived the last lesson of term and people were very eager to take these beauties home.

Ohh just so so cute!


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