Thursday, 30 April 2015

Mondrian Inspired Art

We produced some Mondrian inspired art the first week of term.  It was lots of fun and so easy to do.

I love giving the children a bit of choice so I left the theme very open ended in that their artwork just needed to be at least a little Mondrian inspired (ie just use primary colours, or use black ruled lines, or use bold colours).  I used the Deep Space Sparkle Mondrian elesson as inspiration for most of this lesson.  Since I couldn't decide which Mondrian lesson I wanted to use I gave the children choice on what they wanted to do and just put out the supplies below. 

  • A3 white paper
  • Coloured markers 
  • Rulers
  • Black permanent markers
  • Coloured Paper
  • Glue sticks
  • Black strips of paper
How to:
I just gave them free choice on how to use the supplies to create something Mondrian inspired.

The Results:

Mondrian inspired grids:

Mondrian inspired paper projects:

Mondrian inspired animals and shapes:


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mosaics inspired by Pamela Irving

My Monday class worked on these mosaics for much of Term 1 (it was a short term).

I think they did the most amazing job on them! 

These were made using ceramic tiles and glass gems that we glued on using Weldbond glue.  The wood used was marine ply and we grouted them using grey grout.  I suggested that they are kept inside or outside under cover as the glue may not hold up over time in the rain (I use cement based tile adhesive for outdoors mosaics, although this is much harder for children to use).

These were inspired by the Stationary Faces Mosaic installation located at Patterson Rd, Bentleigh, (that was coordinated by Pamela Irving whose gallery we visited in our first lesson of the term).  We are so lucky to have this just around the corner from the studio.

Great job Monday class!


Sunday, 26 April 2015

Easter Holiday Challenge Winners

1st Prize
Well I have to say this was my most successful Holiday challenge EVER!  Wow did these kids produce amazing artwork or what! I was totally blown away with the creativity - they should all be winners. 

Actually it was near impossible to decide on any winners - I just wanted to give every one of them a prize (if only my goodies stash was unlimited).  After MUCH deliberating I'm happy to announce the following winners.  If your name is not there, don't be disappointed - giving things a go is so important and I hope every child enjoyed the process of creating art for the challenge whether they won something or not.  I certainly loved looking at all of it!

2nd Prize
If you need a reminder to what the challenge was click here.  Briefly all they needed to do was create a piece of artwork that incorporated their chick (or a substitute chick if the original was lost, quite a few managed to hide in the house)... 

I never imagined there were so many ways to build a nest - nests were made out of clay, finger knitting, wool, paper, string, paper mache, real eggs, leaves, rocks, pop sticks, paper and tins.  There were chicks that were painted or drawn, made out of magazines, plasticine or wool.  There were some of the most amazing chick houses that included beds, pillows,  a toilet, tables, chairs, steps and windows.  I just loved that so many used natural materials such as leaves, sticks, rocks and bark.  What a creative bunch!

3rd Prize (one of 6 entries)
4th Prize
 And the winners are...drum roll please.....

1st Prize - Hannah Howe
2nd Prize - Pela Malios
3rd Prize - Poppy Wood
4th Prize - Jemma Forstner
Highly Commended - Cailtyn, Sophie, Stella, Bec, Titouan, Abby, Chloe Walton, Ruby

Well done to all the winners.  Certificates and prizes have been placed in their lockers.

Here are some photos of all that holiday creativity:

Highly Commended
Highly Commended
Highly Commended
HIghly Commended
Highly Commended
Highly Commended
Highly Commended

Highly Commended