Sunday, 13 March 2016

Andy Warhol Watercolour Cats

We have been looking at Andy Warhol this term and have had a Cats theme to tie in with the current Andy Warhol / Ai Weiwei exhibition at the NGV.  The exhibit and the Studio Cats area for kids are just wonderful and highly recommended (runs till 24th April).  My kids just loved it!

I didn't actually run a lesson on this, yet rather these cat drawings were done by my early finishers.  However I just love how they turned out.  Some of these children are as young as 7 and they did such an awesome job of drawing a cat. 

I gave out three how to draw sheets to assist if they needed (one licking its paw,  one sideways and one front on).  I encouraged the kids to draw in pencil first.  Then they went over the pencil with a black marker.  I encouraged them to use disconnected lines to give the cat a furry look.  This is based on this excellent art lesson by Art Projects for Kids.  Our example of Andy's work had his cats name Sam written next to it so I encouraged them to come up with a name for their cats too..

Andy Warhol Cat Painting (used by us as inspiration)


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