Friday, 19 August 2016

Winter Portraits

This fabulous lesson is inspired by the amazing Cassie Stephens.  She never ceases to amaze me with her creativity and ideas.  She even produces video's on how to do things!  Click here for her directions on this project. 

I just love this lesson as it incorporates so many elements of art.  We printed, used collage, drew lines and patterns, painted with tints, learnt how to make pom poms, plaits and finger knitted.  We even learnt how to draw facial features. Wow!!

We did these over two weeks.  The first week we produced the foam templates for the hats and gloves and produced marker prints from these.  The second week we printed with brayers and ink, drew our faces and put it all together (yes this was a busy lesson yet we managed it, a few finished them off the next week)..

It's best to follow Cassie's fab directions for this lesson.  Our only changes were we added bodies to our people and we used wool for the hair (an opportunity to teach the girls to plait).  Some children wanted to learn finger knitting so some have finger knitted scarfs.

I love how these all came out so different.

Well done students! 

Now we have done these I think its time for Spring to arrive as I'm over Winter!


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