Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Wool Wall hangings

I just loved these wool wall hangings produced by my after school classes.  They were inspired by one of my blog idols, Meri Cherry. 

They are pretty simple to make, just loop wool onto a stick or wooden dowel rod.  Meri has great instructions on her blog.  The key is to have a great selection of chunky and interesting wool.  I went on a bit of a mission for a few months prior and collected up anything I could find on sale.  I must admit I got a bit addicted buying wool all the time.  I also made some glitter feathers by dipping white feathers in gold glitter so the children could add these and some gold tassels I found at the $2 shop.

Some children loved this, some were not so keen.  I think they all turned out great though and would look so great hanging on a bedroom wall.


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