Hi my name is Fiona and I've always loved Art, actually I wanted to be an art teacher when I was younger.  I'm not quite sure what happened in high school yet instead of art I followed the science path and gained a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Genetics and Microbiology.  This never stopped me from loving art and I was always pursuing some sort of artistic hobby.  I remember spending my university lunchtimes at their pottery studio.

Then I went travelling and was in awe of the wonderful artworks I saw around the world, so inspiring!  I bought a sketchpad and pencils and was quite at peace sitting in the sun at some Roman ruins drawing to my hearts content.  Of course life got in the way, I got a "serious job" in HR and art remained a hobby, with various painting, drawing, mosaic and pottery classes thrown in during my spare time.

It was only when I had children that I realised how much I loved art and especially the joy of watching children create art.  Our household became a hive of artistic activity.  I would run "craft mornings" with my friends and children during school holidays and finally Sunnyside Art House was born at the beginning of 2013 when my youngest started school.  Our garage was converted to an art studio and I started after school art classes.

I may not be your typical art teacher, yet what I have is a passion for art and creativity.  I believe its enthusiasm that counts and I always put my 100% into everything.  I'm a Pinterest and blog junkie who loves finding new inspiration and ideas to help my students awaken their artistic spirits.  Thank you to all those wonderful art teachers, bloggers and mums out there who share my passion and share their wonderful ideas.  I love process art and I'm far more concerned about engagement and discovery rather than the final product.  You may even find some science thrown into my classes!

Its been a wonderful journey so far and I look forward to what the future holds.


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  1. Hello Fiona. Amanda from BAG class here. Your creativity & generosity are wonderful. If I can escape work one Friday I would love to join your open studio. Keep on creating. AW